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Thanks for stopping by! I’m Andi, a Brooklyn-based wordsmith: author of THE LOST NIGHT, a thriller coming in 2019 from Crown, former editor at Fit Pregnancy and Natural Health and Glamour and Whole Living and Psychology Today and SELF and TrendingNY and Hearst Digital Media and MindBodyGreen, one-time Netiquette columnist on CNNreluctant member of the hipsterati, live music/good cheese/wooded park enthusiast.

Awkwardly fumbling for something, always.

I’m also a freelance journalist and copywriter; I absolutely love reporting on health, travel, psychology, lifestyle, and more. My work has appeared in USA Today, Cosmopolitan, The Wall Street Journal, Marie Claire, Men’s Health, Details, Money, Dr. Oz The Good Life, Shape, Health, Redbook, Seventeen, Martha Stewart Living, and a whole constellation of other outlets. I’ve also created content for Microsoft, Reebok, Blue Apron, NordicTrack, Old Navy, HowAboutWe, M&M’S, Maybelline, Chatbooks, and more. Please peruse my site to learn more about my work, my late-naughts book, and my unsolicited life updates, and to get in touch!


Selected clips


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