Health & Detoxes

Happy Friday! We’re finally coming up on a few consecutive days without rain. It’s pretty much my favorite time of year (as well as “the allergy apocalypse,” as my allergist noted this morning).

Our CNN column this week was, once again, thinly veiled self-berating: How, and Why, To Do a Facebook Detox. It’s amazing how 40 minutes between deciding to go to bed and slamming my laptop closed can slip into the Facebook black hole. Apparently 1,200+ CNN readers agreed — enough to share the story on their walls, heh.

Tomorrow morning I’m speaking on a two-person panel at the ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors) conference about pitching health stories. It’s all the way in Midtown West at 8:30, so I very much hope people show.

Hey, just for those of you keeping track at home:

Comments from spambots: 202

Comments from real people: 0.


Radio Edit

I made an appearance on the Chicago-based radio show The Mancow Show yesterday. (Their homepage isn’t working right now, which could point to site maintenance or could indicate the show has imploded. These seem equally likely.) The producers rescheduled on me three (3) times and I was asked on-air if “it’s legal to shoot a hipster.” So I’ll just point to this and clear my throat and move on.

Also, I wanted to point to our last few CNN columns, as requests for an archives page have proved futile:

The Do’s and Don’ts of Job Hunting Online (4/20)

Don’t Be Offended by Online Dating Rejection (4/13)

Beware, Ninjas, of How You Name Yourself Online (4/6)

Alright, /whining into a blog entry field. I’m settled in at Modca with four novel-writing friends, all tapping away steadily, and I’m determined to hit page 70 on my screenplay. Wish me luck.


banter & anthems

Two big news bits.

First off, Chicago was just fabulous. We spoke at a headlining event for Northwestern University’s Sex Week. Though we managed to sound delirious in a preview in NU Intel and rambly in a recap in North By Northwestern, the talk really was a blast — the audience was eager to laugh and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Thanks so much to everyone who came! And to our gallant volunteers, MJ and Hillary! Good times.

The other Very Important Announcement: Stuff Hipsters Hate and brilliant start-up Nabewise have teamed up to present the Brooklyn Album Bash! We’re unspeakably excited. Basically, we got sick of Empire State of Mind and all those other silly Manhattan-centric tunes and decided Brooklyn needs an anthem of its own. So we’re hosting a contest for unsigned Brooklyn bands. The challenge is to pen the definitive Brooklyn anthem. The prize? A sweet 10 hour recording session at Let ‘Em In studio in Park Slope.

The four finalists (I’m skipping over some steps here so do visit the link) will perform, battle-of-the-bands style, on Sunday, June 5, at Glasslands Gallery in Williamsburg, and yes, I’ve already picked out my dress. So. Pumped.

Impressionable minds

OK, time for one of those Announcements I promised! Stuff Hipsters Hate will be speaking at Northwestern on Monday, April 11, at 7 pm about hipster sex and relationships. It’s free and open to the public, so come one, come all! Details here.