exclamation points

First things first! Tomorrow, Friday, is the last day to enter our super awesome Brooklyn Anthem Bash contest!! Any unsigned Brooklyn band can enter any original song (new or already released) for a chance to play in front of a rad panel of judges and to win 10 hours of studio time with an engineer. Doooo iiiiit.

Second, good news in the family: My big sister Julia, who writes the brilliant blog BookStalker (whereby she attends multiple readings a week and reports back on them for all us lazy lit-lovers) had a short story published in the quarterly lit mag In Digest! You can read it here. As if that weren’t exciting enough, Fiction Daily chose it as their “long” lit pick of the day! You can see that here! Holy cow, congrats, sister! The story is a chapter in her almost-complete novel-in-stories, which is itself an incredible read. A few years from now you’ll all be seeing it on the bestseller lists.

Third, shout-out to my first commenters! Friend-since-I-was-a-newborn Jesse Eloranta, who writes Behind the Willows, just got new pigs on her farm and makes me want to hightail it to Wisconsin to play with them. Pal Sammy Davis, proprietor of Sammy Davis Vintage,  loves talking site design. Thanks, guys!

Lastly, a quick CNN recap (although our editor swears the archives page will be up and running soon, making my manual documentation obsolete). Last week B taught us exhibitionist way to freeze-frame your life: Capture summer memories with these photo apps Then I got real, real picky (and, yes, a bit arbitrary) about thank-you-note-iquette: When It’s OK to Say Thank-You via Email. I couldn’t solve the age-old enigma of whether it’s polite or annoying to answer a helpful email with nothing but “Thanks!”. Discuss.