the perks of seniority

Hello there! Another two months just zipped by with a sharp whirring noise. I’ll bring you up to (mach) speed in bullet points:

  • My title at Psychology Today was recently bumped up to senior news editor! I’m excited and grateful for the nod to my abilities after I took on more sections and began handling larger pieces. A 3,500-word well story that I conceived, assigned and edited will appear in the November/December issue, and it’s looking great.
  • Speaking of features, the full text of the one I wrote about Highly Sensitive People in the July/August issue is now available online. The feedback I got on it was super gratifying. It often revealed just how sensitive the reader was — several told me my piece “brought them to tears,” and one was offended by the “girly and obviously insensitive font used throughout the piece.” HSPs, I love you!
  • Brenna and I recently did a popular and (apparently) contentious mini-series on about online dating messages and profiles. Enjoy the gamut here, here and here.