Big News.

It isn’t often that I have a damn good answer to “What’s new?” Right now, I do: As of, well, this weekend, I am self-employed. After gaining a ton of great writing and editing experience at Psychology Today (and perfecting the art of tapping out polished copy on almost the first try), I decided to leave my job to go full-time freelance. (I’m not a squee girl, but if I were, I’d be squeeing.) I’m very excited to focus on my reporting and writing, diversify my portfolio, serve as my own boss and spend too much time in yoga pants.

I think I’m well-positioned to work on science writing (thanks to Psych Today), women’s service (thanks to SELF) and humor/pop culture (thanks to Stuff Hipsters Hate), plus whatever other fun assignments stretch my limits (I’m current working on an article for The Fiscal Times, for example). ‘Twill be an adventure!

One other spot of fun news: Stuff Hipsters Hate is cohosting a CMJ showcase on Friday, featuring some rad musical acts including Max Burgundy, Not Blood Paint and Golden Pony. This will be the first SHH event in Manhattan but we promise it’ll be worth crossing the bridge for.

And with that gaping preposition, I’m out.