an update from the front line

…the front line being, of course, my couch.

Happy belated Thanksgiving! The first thing my dad asked me after picking my sister and me up from the airport was a jovial, “So no one’s hired you yet?” My (admittedly acerbic) answer: “Lots of editors have. For stories I’m writing for them. It’s going really well, thanks.”

And it’s true, freelance writing has been a blast; I love working on a range of stories for an array of editors, and I’m having fun flexing my pitching and reporting chops for topics other than psychology (although my Rolodex of psychologist sources is as well-thumbed as ever).

I’ve written about such diverse topics as bohemian Wall Streeters, “Perry-phasia,” seasonal dating habits and grooming your way to a promotion; in print, expect to see my byline in Women’s Health, SELF, Health, Martha Stewart Living, American Baby and more in 2012.

One drawback: It’s 11:42 and I’m up and tapping away at a complex health story with a Tuesday deadline. Now, back to that.