that ring-a-ding time

Happy March! Spring has always been my favorite season, all dandelion shoots and tree buds and soft lime-green puffs on the end of fir boughs. It was a mild winter, but I’m still not sad to see February go (after lingering around for an extra 24 hours — rude.)

If you care about tracking down and reading print articles I’ve written (in which case I probably call you Mom or Aunt Ruth), this is a great month to support your local newsstand: I have good-sized articles in the March issues of Shape (a feature! Also available here but go support your local newsstand!), Health (also here) and SELF (three distinct one-pagers, PDFs TK).

On a related note, I’m loving being back on the other side of a story, editing full-time at Whole Living. I totally lucked out: The staff is amazing and I’m genuinely fascinated by every article we run. Even my silly concern that going back into an office would give me SAD was quelled by the sunny Martha Stewart offices. (Yes, that actually crossed my mind when I was still freelancing. Related: Freelancing makes you kind of weird.)