Moving Pictures

Happy July! Time for a mid-year progress report.

The first half of 2012 was pretty fantastic. I’m going to go ahead and be annoying and gushy because I mean it: Whole Living is the best place to work in the entire world. For real. The staff is incredible. I get to edit fascinating health reports one day and wrangle Olympians the next. My editors sent me to Wanderlust Festival in Vermont to do yoga in the mountains. Seriously good stuff. My only complaint these days is the daily schlep from the subway to 12th Ave.—I didn’t mind it in winter, but boy, do I hate it when it’s 94 degrees out.

My other Life Update: J&R Creative Media, the brilliant production company behind The Gaggle, has optioned my screenplay! It’s called Classic Love Story, and it’s sort of a hipster Before Sunset, with some elements of magical realism. My agent once called it Eternal Sunshine of the Garden State, which made me laugh. I have yet to nail the elevator pitch, obviously, but I’m very excited to be working toward seeing my words become frames.