To Have Loved and Lost

It’s been six months since I’ve updated; my last post was effusive and gushing, a perfect counterpoint to this one. Whole Living folded yesterday, a sad and surprising end to a job I truly loved. We’d known for a while that change was afoot, but we’d received official word that the magazine would be bought, so we were caught off-guard by the whump of the coffin lid.

I’m so grateful for the 11 months I had on staff, working on stories I cared about alongside colleagues I adored. We already have get-togethers planned (drinks with Martha Stewart herself next week, a karaoke send-off the week after), so I have no doubt we’ll all stay friends, but the day-to-day, the good vibes in our aisle as I giggled with my cubemates or shared a weekly potluck lunch with the crew, have come to an end.

The game plan? To take a few weeks over the holidays to unwind and travel—conveniently, I’ve got the Coachella Cruise, a Wisconsin Christmas, and a ski trip to Utah all on the docket in the next few weeks—and then to freelance while looking for a new staff position. I really enjoy freelancing, with its loose hours and eclectic stories and midday yoga classes, but I’m happiest on staff, playing Editor full-time. My hope is that I’ll land in a health, fitness, or lifestyle gig at a magazine, though I’m open to all sorts of opportunities.

The Unknown is kind of exciting. It sparks with possibility, like new projects, singledom, and graduation. The thing about falling off the end of a conveyor belt is that I’ve done it before, and I know I’ll land on my feet.