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    Selected Clips

    • Freelance writing samples – psychology and lifestyle

    Who’s Behind the First Ladies? (PDF) - Glamour, April 2015

    How to Help a Friend in Trouble (PDF) (feature) – Cosmopolitan, June 2014

    6 Work Traits to Score Now (PDF) – Women’s Health, April 2013

    Why She Wants a Jerk (PDF) (feature) – Men’s Health, March 2013

    Love Connection (PDF)American Baby, March 2013

    Mind Games: Sharpen Your Focus through Meditation (PDF)Details, September 2012

    The Call of the Wild (PDF)Women’s Health, July/August 2012

    Stopped Cold (PDF)Martha Stewart Living, April 2012

    Take a Break—from Money Stress (PDF)SELF, March 2012

    Feel Fab Alfresco (PDF)SELF, March 2012

    Don’t Let Your Partner Drive You Bonkers – USA Weekend, March 2012 (link)

    Bring the Sexy Back (PDF)Women’s Health, January/February 2012 (link)

    Being Confident Will Get You More Dates Than Being Attractive Will, Says Science – How About We, January 2012 (link)

    Don’t Let Excess Stress Shatter the Holidays (PDF) – USA Today, December 2011

    Brain Experts Weigh In On Perry’s Brain Freeze Incident – USA Today, November 2011 (link)

    Why Fall is Biologically Ripe for Relationships – How About We, November 2011 (link)

    Boost Your Salary in Five Minutes – MensHealth.com, November 2011 (link)

    Trick Yourself Into Love – How About We, October 2011 (link)

    Wall Street Goes Woodstock – The Fiscal Times, October 2011 (link)

    • Freelance writing samples – health and fitness

    Fat-Proof Your Life (PDF) – Fitness, September 2013

    Your Body on Exercise (PDF) – SELF, June 2013

    Is This Miracle Food? (PDF) – SELF, May 2013

    Healthy Detox (PDF) – SELF, April 2013

    Treating Severe Morning Sickness – Parents.com, December 2012 (link)

    Party Hard! (PDF)SELF, September 2012

    All About Baby (PDF)American Baby, May 2012

    Prescription for Happiness? (PDF) (feature) – Shape, March 2012

    Headache-Proof Your Home (PDF)Health, March 2012

    Your Sick Day Survival Guide (PDF)SELF, March 2012

    Your Own Best Enemy – Q, the Equinox Blog, December 2011 (link)

    The Most Dangerous Thing You’ll Do This Winter – MensHealth.com, December 2011 (link)

    Smart From the Start (feature) – American Baby, November 2011 (link)

    Wide Awake—and Dreaming – MensHealth.com, November 2011 (link)

    • Glamour editing samples

    The Drinking Story Every Woman Should Read – August 2013 (PDF)

    Summer, We Love You, But You’re Messing With Our Ladyparts – July 2013 (PDF)

    What to Do for These Abs (package) – June 2013 (PDF)

    WTF—Why Are So Many Women Still Getting Cancer? (feature) – May 2013 (PDF)

    • Whole Living editing samples

    The Nothing Cure (feature) – December 2012 (PDF)

    Om Improvement Project (package) – December 2012 (PDF)

    Your Personal Mandate (package) – October 2012 (PDF)

    Get to Know your Bones – September 2012 (PDF)

    Stand Up to Cancer (e-book) – August 2012 (link)

    Winning Strokes (workout) – July/August 2012 (PDF)

    Portraits of Power (feature) – June 2012 (PDF)

    The Hot Zone – May 2012 (PDF)

    • Psychology Today editing samples

    Field Guide to the Conspicuous Conservationist – April 2011 (PDF) (link)

    Science (Non-)Fiction – February 2011 (PDF) (link)

    Wikipedians, Meet PT – February 2011 (PDF) (link)

    Street Smarts – December 2010 (PDF) (link)

    • Psychology Today writing samples

    Sense and Sensibility (feature) – August 2011 (PDF) (link)

    Plugging In – August 2011 (PDF) (link)

    The I’s Have It – August 2011 (PDF)

    Wising Up to Dummy Pills – April 2011 (PDF) (link)

    Watered-Down Thinking – February 2011 (PDF) (link)

    • SELF editing samples

    Stay Chill All Summer – June 2010 (PDF)

    Happiness Flash – January 2010 (PDF)

    • SELF writing samples

    Share the Body Love – July 2010 (PDF)

    Ensure Smooth Sailing – April 2010 (PDF)

    Get Fired Up! – March 2010 (PDF)

    Embrace Your Next Birthday – August 2009 (PDF)

    The New Superfoods – April 2007 (PDF)

    • Money writing samples

    Value Judgments (cover package) – September 2007 (PDF)

    Send Off a Frugal Freshman – September 2007 (PDF)

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